Cs go grenade slots

cs go grenade slots

This one is on how to bind your grenades in game for much more How to Create Custom Buy Binds for CSGO. /r/GlobalOffensive - Subreddit dedicated to CS: GO. So in and source, we could bind keys to specific weapons, not just the slot. This is particularly useful so you dont have to cycle through your multiple grenades. CS: GO Pro adreN Tips Throwing grenades fast [] . that binding "wep knife; wep nade" didn't interrupt the sequence like the slot binds do. i.


CS:GO Nade Spots Ep #4 - Cache, 21 Smokes, 10 Flashes and 6 Molotovs - Quick Version

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Grenades have a cooldown time after throwing that can be shortened by switching weapons first. What purpose does it serve to get rid of the GUI, when there isn't much else to look at during pre-round anyways? It's the one that bursts into flames. You can assign them individually in the keyboard menu. That is the only trick there is to it.

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